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Jennifer Krassler

Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, & Art Classes

     I've been playing the saxophone for over 20 years now. I played saxophone in the HHS marching, concert, and Jazz bands, and received two musical scholarships upon graduating. In my free time, I taught myself flute and clarinet, along with a host of other instruments. I took private lessons for many years, and have been teaching lessons for over 6 years. I studied music performance at HCC, and have played in numerous concert and orchestral bands.

     I like to tailor each students' lesson to their individual interests and level of ability, with a focus on the understanding of music and proper technique. I like to challenge my students, while keeping things fun and easy to understand. There is nothing better to me than that moment when a student's face lights up when they've learned someone new and exciting - which is constantly happening while learning a new instrument.  

     I also own my own gardening/landscaping company and love to be outside!  It is not uncommon for me to teach my music lessons outside under a tree on a nice day :)  


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