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Piano Tuning

Servicing Western MA and Northern CT

Keeping your piano in tune is more important than you may think. It is recommended to get it tuned no less than once a year, and more if the piano is moved or is subjected to climate changes. 

There are 264 strings inside a piano all under extreme tension. Over time, simply put, the strings stretch or the pin slips, causing the notes to go flat. When a piano is moved, the internal workings gets shifted and often knocks many of the pitches way out of tune. Also during climate changes, like anything going from hot to cold, the cast iron plate and soundboard will expand and contract (at different rates), which will obviously cause the piano to go out of tune. (Keeping your piano on an inside wall definitely helps with this problem.)

Not only will it sounds nicer, but after a while, if you get used to an out of tuned piano, you can lose your ear from proper pitch. Also a piano that slips too far out of tune requires pre-tunings which cost more money. And the worse case scenario (Which I've seen TOO MANY TIMES) is if a piano is neglected for a long time, the damage caused won't allow the piano to ever be tuned to proper pitch again and is ruined. 

So if it's been a while or your piano sounds off, please give us a call or email us at: to schedule an appointment. We have a professional piano tuner that will make your piano sound beautiful again.

But then again, there's always THIS option! ;)

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