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Alex Korolov

Violin, Cello, Viola Da Gamba, Recorder & Guitar


     My father is a professional musician, and I haven't stopped playing since he put an instrument in my hands at five years old.  Since he is a multi-instrumentalist, I've followed in his foot steps and I perform and teach on many instruments.  

     I have received formal training in violin, cello, guitar, flute, trumpet, voice, recorder, lute, and viola da gamba.  Since graduating with a music performance degree from the Indiana University School of Music in 2005, I've traveled the country as a performing musician, playing in the Northeast, Florida, Texas and many states in between.  

     Having recently settled in Massachusetts, I am excited to share my lifetime of musical experience.  I enjoy playing many styles of music, including classical, jazz, folk, rock, medieval, renaissance, and baroque.  My teaching approach includes developing proper technique, site reading, listening and improvisation skills.  I like to have fun and explore many different facets of music, and I hope my students will as well. 

Emma Price


Violin, Cello, Viola and Classical Voice


     A current resident of Amherst, MA, I was born and raised in Holyoke. I have been playing violin for 14 years and am passionate about providing quality music education to the children of Holyoke and the surrounding communities of Western, MA.  Violin is my primary instrument, but I am also comfortable teaching beginner cello and viola, classical voice, string chamber music, and music theory. I teach primarily through the Suzuki approach to violin, but believe that every student has different and individual needs, and my teaching will always cater to the individual student. I believe that students should first and foremost have a love of music and listening to music. Additionally, through instruction, they should be fluent readers of music and have an understanding of theory and aural skills in order to complement and enrich their playing. My job is to provide students with the tools to practice and gain a comprehensive technical and artistic ability on their instrument.

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