Piano, Voice, Music Theory & Song Writing


In both Piano and Voice lessons, I teach any style at any level, and tailor every lesson to the individual student, while focusing on proper technique, sight reading, and the overall knowledge of music. I also offer music theory lessons ranging from music fundamentals to advanced music theory including improvisation and composition. (Student can play any instrument for music theory lessons.) 

I've been teaching piano for about 23 years. I started formal lessons at a very early age, went through the Springfield Conservatory of Music and graduated from Holyoke Community College, receiving honors in music theory and composition.  


Piano & Music Theory


I have been teaching piano for over 20 years. Having taught a variety of different ages and levels I've learned to adjust my teaching styles to meet the individual's needs. I enjoy problem solving and thinking outside the box when a student has trouble with any musical concept. My goal is to help my students succeed at their goals, whether they plan to play in front of crowds or just for their family at holidays. In the past, I've helped students write their own music which is always rewarding.





I've been studying music my entire life and the last 4 years have been with Drake Descant. I'm the first 2nd gen Descant Music Teacher! Currently I am continuing to pursue my music education at Mt. Holyoke College while teaching what is most important to me: PIANO!