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Hello all! 

My name is Ayleena Lyles and I am all things Pop, R&B, Jazz, and Musical Theater vocal music. In my time so far I have been in several bands, musical theater productions, and the leader of gospel youth choirs. I started singing at the age of 3, and always used singing and my toy piano as an escape from the world.  My curiosity about music and singing lead me to a passion of performance and vocal pedagogy.


I love all styles of music and look forward to being a part of your vocal journey!


Piano, Voice, Music Theory & Song Writing


In both Piano and Voice lessons, I teach any style at any level, and tailor every lesson to the individual student, while focusing on proper technique, sight reading, and the overall knowledge of music. I also offer music theory lessons ranging from music fundamentals to advanced music theory including improvisation and composition. (Student can play any instrument for music theory lessons)

I've been teaching piano for about 23 years. I started formal lessons at a very early age, went through the Springfield Conservatory of Music and graduated from Holyoke Community College, receiving honors in music theory and composition.  

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