Guitar, Bass

40 years playing guitar. 30 years live band experience. Graduate of Music Tech of Minneapolis, MN. As well as 4 years private lesson study. All styles of music specializing in Rock, Funk, R&B and Country. Bring it!  


Guitar, Upright Bass, Bass

First and foremost, I’m a lover of music.  I’ve kept it in my life from a very young age through listening, learning, exploring, performing, and producing.  It’s a great hobby that enriches the lives of people of all ages, and historically has been an essential part of a child's curriculum.  I’m motivated to help others connect with music, and enjoy it as much as I have in my own life.


I’ve been playing guitar and bass guitar for over 20 years, and hold an Associates’s Degree in Jazz Guitar Performance.  I have 8+ years teaching experience.  I’ve played many styles from punk/metal to jazz/classical to reggae/afrobeat to traditional/folk.  For the past 7 years I’ve also been studying and performing on upright bass in folk, classical, and jazz settings.


I approach teaching with the belief that we’re all musical, and it’s my job to help the student gain competence and confidence to express themselves through their instrument.  Proper technique and finger exercises are stressed at first, then I move to learning songs that the student enjoys, while supplementing with method and theory.  I encourage students to find a songs to sing along with so someday they can lead a song at a campfire jam!  I also try to get students to improvise as soon as possible.  


Every lesson is tailored to the individual student with the goal of improving their ability while maintaining interest.  Mainly, my goal is for students gain a lifetime of enjoyment from music.